Mentions and features of us in the media

Paddlers take to the Grand in the name of reconciliation – CBC

“It’s to help build positive relationships and generate discussion between the Indigenous community and people in the justice services community,” said organizer Pandora Wilhelm, with The Healing of the Seven Generations.”

She Is Indigenous

“Pandora’s hair is as colourful as her spirit. An Early Childhood Education student at First Nations Technical Institute, she also spends her time working and volunteering in her community in various roles. She is also a true outdoors enthusiast, and you can regularly find her camping or outside, especially since she is working on her Forest School Teacher Certification. A natural nurturer to both children and animals, Pandora is a loving mother to four kids, three dogs and even two horses! Recently, she started her own small business, where she makes early learning educational materials featuring Indigenous languages.”

Indigenous mass grave a catalyst for Wellesley woman’s awareness campaign.

“Whenever something like this, a big Indigenous issue, happens; I find that it’s a couple of weeks of news coverage and then people just stop talking about it,” said Wilhelm “So we want to keep the discussion going into indigenous peoples day.”

Listening, Learning, and Reflecting: The Indigenous-Owned businesses of Waterloo Region

“Their mission is creating early language resources that feature traditional dialects of First Nations, Inuit, and Métis languages from across Turtle Island.”