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Ta-ta-ti-ti-ta I’ve got a rhythm gonna share it with ya!

Want to introduce your learner to music or expand on their musical development? This Rhythm Activity Board will make an amazing addition to your home or classroom!



Featuring two rows of the most common time signatures – 2/4, 3/4 and 4/4 there are endless possibilities for rhythmic patterns! Each individual tile is engraved on both side. On one side is a beat value, and the other side is the corresponding rest value! Each time signature slot is created to fit only the correct number of beats per bar.

Whether it’s using the physical pieces to satisfy the kinesthetic learner or clapping out the rhythms with an auditory learner, this activity has been designed to accomodate all learning styles!

We have several options for customization available. We can personalize the front space with your name, a design or school logo and include an engraving on the back!


Each board is 11” x 9.25” and is cut from 1/4” Maple Plywood.

Each set includes the rhythm board, an assortment of beat/rest tiles and a zippered bag for storage!

It is finished with a clear spray finish.