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Mulberry Design & Engravings

Life Cycle Trays

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This life cycle tray guides your early learner to explore the fascinated world of nature.

These trays make it easy to visualize cyclical life patterns of animals or plants.

Each circle is designed to hold a figure of a different stage of life for a critter or plant! In designing this, we followed the basis of the Montessori method of teaching  

You can purchase them individually or as a set! We offer three variations of trays, a three, four and five space!

We also offer sets of animals and insects to accompany these trays if you don’t already have some! Please note that these are sold separately :)

Product Information:

Materials: Maple plywood with clear, non toxic finish. 
Dimensions: 9” diameter x .5” thick


Sustainable sourced Canadian Plywoods and Hardwoods


Turn around time is between 1 and 6 weeks depending on product type and volume