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Matching Game

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Learn more about Canadian Wildlife with this hands-on matching game! This activity is the perfect game to play with your early learner. Expanding on their already blossoming vocabulary, your child can learn to match the animal with their tracks all while developing their expressive language. In addition to word recognition and literacy, this game encourages the development of fine motor skills such as hand-eye coordination.

By reading the names of the animals aloud, this also touches on their communication skills by guiding them to understand and match spoken words with written ones.

Don't be fooled though! This game isn't just for the young learners in your life. It can be enjoyed by all! You're never too old to learn about the creatures that live in the world around you.

With several options available, you can customize this activity! Our standard set includes 10 animals, their corresponding tracks and two languages on each 2" tile.

For Indigenous Languages, we do ask that you provide the translations for us. If you're unable to we can help connect you with a language holder from the community to ensure we're creating things in a good way. There are so many beautiful dialects of our many traditional languages and we want to make sure we're engraving the right one for you! We provide a proof after we receive the language from you for you to review to ensure accuracy!

Want to customize the creatures featured in your puzzle? Fill out our custom order form today and we will work with you to create the perfect set!

Animals and tracks included in standard set are: moose, deer, bear, wolf, fox, raccoon, skunk, squirrel, beaver, and rabbit!


We now provide three different material options for our Matching Games.

 - 1/8" MDF Core Faux Maple Finish - These are made from an MDF core hardboard with a faux maple paper finish on each side. 

 - 1/4" Finished One-Side Maple Plywood - One side has a shiny maple veneer finish and the other side has an unfinished maple veneer! These are made from 100% natural wood bonded with a food-grade soy-based adhesive. 

- 1/4" Unfinished Maple Plywood - Both sides of each tile are unfinished, maple veneer wood. These are made from 100% natural wood bonded with a food-grade soy-based adhesive.

These tiles are 2" x 2" and include a drawstring burlap bag for storage! There are 20 pieces total.


These ship lettermail or tracked package and are ready to ship in 3-5 business days. 
Local pick up in Linwood, Ontario available. 


Sustainable sourced Canadian Plywoods and Hardwoods


Turn around time is between 1 and 6 weeks depending on product type and volume