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Mulberry Design & Engravings

Metis Infinity Learn to Sew

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Infinity Symbol Type

Our Learn to Sew Kits offer a unique twist on traditional Lacing Boards, providing a blend of cultural significance and educational value. Crafted from 1/8" MDF with an attractive faux maple finish, each kit comes complete with blue & white yarn, an infinity cut out, and a blunt-tipped needle. Additionally, an instruction sheet is included to guide beginners on their sewing journey.

These shape lacing kits are not just toys; they are tools for enhancing fine motor skills in young children. Following the Montessori approach, these wooden toys serve as both educational games and toys, fostering interactive and engaging learning experiences.

By incorporating these wonderful lacing kits into the classroom, educators can introduce cultural elements in a hands-on and inclusive manner. True inclusivity means going beyond books and stories to provide tangible resources that children can interact with year-round. These kits promote open-ended play and encourage discussions among early learners, targeting key developmental areas such as fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and more.

Finished Dimensions:
6" x 3" x .125"

Bulk Pricing is also available, please contact us directly. 


Sustainable sourced Canadian Plywoods and Hardwoods


Turn around time is between 1 and 6 weeks depending on product type and volume